Sweet Things Under $20


sweet things under twenty_073012

Hello, hi! How’s everyone? I hope you all had a nice and restful weekend. I cannot believe we’ll be approaching August this week. Are you ready? I am! August is the month of Leo and I’m so excited that there are two Leos in da house!! Yup, my little Hayden and I. :)  Not that I’m all that into horoscope, but, it’s nice to know that it’s our birthday month, yay!!! :) Are you a Leo too?

Have a happy Monday!

1. Summer Tote, Gather Journal 2. Colorblock Pinch Bowl, Terrain 3. Brass Pineapple Letter Opener, High Street Market 4. Safari Hooks, West Elm 5. Floral Milk Bath Soap, Etsy 6. Skinny Cross Bangle, ASOS 7. Accordian Pleated Skirt, Forever 21 8. Ombre Laundry Basket, The Container Store