Sweet Things Under $20


sweet things under $20sweet things under $20

Hello everyone! I’m finally back from the Alt Summit. I have so much I want to share with you, but first I am really happy today because well, one, it’s Chinese New Year (so technically that’s a holiday for me.) And two, one of my favorite bloggers is here guest blogging my ‘Sweet Things under $20.’

Some of you may already know him, he’s Igor, the talented and happy voice behind Happy Interior Blog. I *met* him through a virtual Stripe Mania party he hosted with Holly from Decor8, and since then we’ve became buddies. I really admire Igor not only because of his great taste for interiors & design, but he is also funny and very optimistic about life. Oh, and did I mention? he’s a cutie too! :)  So whenever I need a dose of happiness I think of reading his blog! I’m really thrilled to be introducing you to him today, so without further ado, here’s Igor!

“I must admit I am pretty excited. I am guest blogging on one of my favorite San Francisco based lifestyle blogs and I am beyond happy to share my list of ‘Sweet Things Under $20’ with you. But hey, where are my manners? Let me introduce myself first. My name is Igor and I am blogging over at Happy Interior Blog. I am based in Munich, Germany, and I am a regular reader of Jeanne’s blog. Thus, I was very honored when she asked me to guest blog on Shop Sweet Things and compile my personal sweet finds under $20. Wowzers!

Well, here I am with my happy picks. Colorful pocket notebooks are perfect for bloggers as this is how I am jotting down ideas on-the-go. Then, when I am writing my blog posts at home, I like to light a scented candle to get in the mood for inspiring ideas. I am always on the look for inspiration and love traveling. Sometimes, I take shortcuts to countries through books – and the Taschen collection is a perfect way to do so. And as an interiors blogger I am always on a hunt for happy little home accessories like these quirky measuring spoons or these striped tassel towels.

One last thought: Valentine’s Day is approaching folks! Well, a pretty Valentine’s card is compulsory and if you’re looking for a cool gift for your guy, how about this funny T-shirt or this super duper aftershave (by the way, it’s fab, I am using it myself).

Hope I managed to inspire you a bit today and if you liked it, feel very welcome to stop by at Happy Interior Blog. Have a great week!”

1. Rifle Paper, Valentine’s Day Postard 2. Prospector Co., Aftershave 3. Taschen, Living in Morocco 4. Terrain, Drawing Room Candle 5. Alder & Co., Pocket Notebook 6. H&M, T-Shirt 7. West Elm, Pinstripe Towel 8. Anthropologie, Measuring Spoons

Did you enjoy Igor’s picks? I certainly did. That aftershave bottle looks so cool I would get it just for the heck of it! Anyways, please don’t forget to give Igor some love herehere, and here!

Thank you Igor and all so much for making my Monday so happy! Wishing you all lots of love & luck in the year of the dragon!

xo Jeanne