Sweet Things Under $20 {Gents}


sweet things under $20 shop sweet things menssweet things under $20 shop sweet things mens

Happy Monday, all! I can’t believe January is almost over. This month really flew by for me. Did it for you? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (just two more weeks, people), I thought it would be fun to do a little $20 round-up for the gents. If you’re on the more light-hearted side when it comes to gifting, I think these would make the perfect valentine’s day gift for your man. You can either pick a couple of items here and make it as one gift, or use it as a add-on gift too. Igor also picked out a couple of really cool men’s products from last week, so don’t forget about those!

On another note, if you’re my fellow S.F. readers, I got 9 perfect spots for you on your upcoming v-day dinner if you haven’t decided where to go already. I literally sent this list to my husband and told him to surprise me with one of these restaurants. I’m actually quite anxious to see what he has picked. :)

Alrighty all, have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow! xo

1. Izola, Apothecary Soap 2. Jack Spade, Collar Stays 3. Baxter, Daily Face Wash 4. Just Cook, Natural Spice Blend 5. Izola, Soap Dish 6. J.Crew, Scarf 7. Mast Brothers, Almond & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar 8. J.Crew, Stripe Socks