Sweet Things Under $20



Hey sunshines, how are you all doing? Did you have a nice weekend? Today, I’ll be back shortly with a mini recap of my favorite highlight from this weekend, can you guess what it is? You may have guessed it if you follow my Instagram. :) But first, here’s to another round of $20 sweet finds! I hope you like it.

Don’t go anywhere, I’ll see you back in a bit. :)

1. Cupcake Wrappers, Mignon Kitchen Co. 2. Miette, Recipes From S.F.’s Most Charming Pastry Shop 3. Serving Bowl w/ Bamboo Lid, Target 4. Silk Hair Tie Package, Etsy / ManeMessage 5. Tatcha Blotting Paper, Anthropologie 6. Planter, West Elm 7. Botanical Coasters, Rifle Paper Co. 8. Oversize Tank T-Shirt, Zara