Sweet Things Under $20


sweet things under $20 twentysweet things under $20 twenty

Hello there, everyone had a good weekend?

As for me, I caught a little cold and am not feeling my best. Sneezing all weekend long and it’s not pretty. I’m quite sure I caught it from my daughter! So today, it will be lots of tea and rest for me.

Anyways, I still wanted to share with you all the lovely things I found. Little things like this always put a smile on my face.

And if you’re addicted to pinning as much as I am, don’t forget to enter this giveaway I’m hosting over at Pinterest for a chance to win $250! Have a great week everyone!

1. Swatch Earrings, Tobi 2. Home at 7, Dinner at 8 Cookbook, Amazon 3. Passport Cover, eBags 4. Ring Box, CWonder 5. Small Leather Clutches, Uncovet 6. Pillow Cover, Etsy 7. Pintuck Front Blouse, Forever 21 8. Sabine Onxy Statement Ring, Piperlime