Sweet Things Under $20 + Have a Safe Week!



Wow, what a weekend?! I think everyone in the city is so proud to be a San Franciscan today. Our beloved SF Giants has won the 2nd World Series in the MLB last night, and to make this happen again within a three year time frame is soooo amazing! The victory really came from the collective effort of the whole team, rather than one particular individual and I love that all the team players were so humble about this. It was really remarkable to watch what they were able to achieve (considering they were hanging by a thread earlier this post season.) I’m not one to talk about sports, but just like everyone else, it’s pretty darn hard to contain the excitement we have for our city!

While we are having a ball over here in the west coast, I do want to wish everyone in the east coast to be safe and all prepared for Storm Sandy. Hopefully, there will be no bad news once it passes.

Wherever you are, I hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe week! xo Jeanne

1. Love bracelet 2. Skinny metallic stud belt 3. Floral printed phone case (iPhone4 and 4s) 4. Ellen Tumbler 5. Pine wood hand painted keychain 6. Gilded geometry ornament  7. Labeled kitchen utility jar 8. The Gentlewoman Issue #6


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