Sweet Things Under $20



Hey y’all, I’m back! How was that cup of coffee? Just wanted to pop in here again to wish you all a happy Monday and hope you had a peek at my weekend. Here’s to another round-up of my $20 sweet finds. Enjoy!

P.S. – Don’t forget to enter this if you haven’t had the chance to! 

1. Rhinestone Triangle Necklace 2. Glitter Heart Cake Picks 3. Heller Massimo Vignelli Stackable Plates (Set of 2) 4. Meyer’s Glass Hand Bottle Soap 5. Mali Tassel Flats 6. Home Fur Toss Pillow (in black) 7. Measuring Teak Spoon 8. Table Napkins (Set of 2)

  • Igor Josifovic

    Oh I love the hand soap bottle and those happy table napkins! 

  • This necklace is darling! Can’t believe it’s F21!

  • Oh, you had me at the glass hand soap bottle. I love the typeface on the bottle. You always find the best stuff!

  • Fenny

    I adore the necklaces, check it out now :)

  • cute rhinestone necklace! i saw you posted pics from the new Emerson Fry collection recently – just got my linen leopard print coat and I am SERIOUSLY obsessed. I want everything else now too!