Sweet Things Under $20



Hello there, did you miss my Sweet Things Under $20? I though you did. :) I hope you enjoy my finds as always and have a cheerful week ahead! Talk soon!

1. White Succulent Sculpture 2. Belvoir Fruit Farms Organic Lemonade 3. Mustard Yellow Suede Leather Hex Nut Bracelet (or you can DIY it if you like!) 4. Gingham Tea Towel 5. Summer Beach House Scarf 6. Jasmin Mint Toothpaste 7. Yellow Metal Tray 8. Cable Knit Sweater


  • Igor Josifovic

    Oh my favorite series!!! I am in love with the cute little succulent sculpture!! And the yellow tray warms my heart, too!!!

  • Nat

    Loving the white succulent sculpture! It’s the perfect little found object to add to a shelf or table top for entertaining. Hope you had a fantastic weekend in Napa!



  • Fenny

    love the braclet. Remind  me I need a new one urgently :)