Sweet Things Under $20



Hi, everyone! How are you all? It’s nice to be back after my 4-days break!

I stayed super low-key for the past few days. In fact, I pretty much stayed home the whole weekend and did a whole lot of organizing, cleaning, and purging. It’s crazy how many things we built up overtime and it’s nice to purge things out once in a while. Moreover, we live in a tiny S.F. apartment with a toddler, so the key is to always stay organize, simple and minimal. We’re also trying to make room for another baby so cleaning out those closet and storage space was much needed. I know, we’re still a good 6 months away before our new addition joins us, but as my husband would say, our “nesting” instinct is kicking in, haha!

Well, I hope all of you have a happy Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

1. Geometric Melamine Bowl, Target (found via this guy.) 2. Pencil Cup, Anthroplogie 3. Coral Dyed Texture Tote, Etsy / ZiaZia 4. Toast Tongs, Pot + Pantry 5. Hygienic Blush Cleaner by Vincent Longo, Nordstrom 6. Jar Lanterns for Tea Lights, Anthropologie 7. Flamingo Print Original Oil Painting (A5), Etsy / KicoART 8. Sheer Polka Dottie Shirt, Forever21