Sweet Things Under $20


Hello sunshines, how are you all? Did you have a nice weekend?

Mine was quite eventful actually. Got to spend a sunny afternoon with my husband and baby H, went to a little dinner party with my husband’s co-workers, celebrated this gal’s birthday at a karaoke dive bar, and went to my high school friend’s baby shower. Did my weekend flew right by? Oh, you bet it did. And the weather was so nice that I got to wear my stripe skirt just like the one I’m featuring here today. I’ve been wearing so many pants lately that I forget how much I love wearing skirts. Hopefully the weather will stick around for us to show off more legs. :)

By the way, was anyone shaken by the earthquake at 5:30am this morning in SF? It was a shallow one of 4.0, but still, so scary! Well, I hope today’s $20 round-up will lighten up your day.

Have a great one! xo, Jeanne

1. Skirt, H&M 2. Scarf, H&M 3. Enamel Soap Dish, Old Faithful Shop 4. Cactus Flower Sticky Notes, Anthropologie 5. Lacquered Box, The Container Store 6. Coral Nail Polish, Essie 7. Pink Himalayan Salt, Terrain 8. Ceramic Deviled Egg Tray, West Elm

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Your weekend sounds SO fun (well, wearing a stripe skirt how could it not be, right?!). Loving this week’s round up as well – that yellow box? HI THERE SEXY! ;)

  • I’ll be jetting out for that lacquered box and H&M skirt ASAP, those are some killer deals!

  • Igor Josifovic

    Box, soap dish and Himalayan salt, please:-) Great finds, as usual!

  • Ashley Lovett

    I adore that skirt! I’ve been having the same thoughts lately about my daily pant/jean based outfits. Today I’ve bucked my own trend and am wearing a…dress!…in get this…cobalt blue!

    Oh yeah, taking risks ;)

  • How scary about the earthquake, but glad that your’e ok!  As always, I’ll take one of everything in this post please? Thank you! ;) haha

  • mint and coral are currently my favorite colors….so i’m loving the nail polish & the flower sticky notes!!
    never realized there were so many cute things under $20!!! especially that striped skirt!!

  • Fenny Setiawan

    I love the egg tray, I just found a very easy and delicious devil egg recipes, so I thought this tray is perfect companion :)

  • I love that coral nail polish. After the weather this weekend – I am gearing up for Spring. That polish is a must!

  • I saw that earthquake on yahoo news and not one of my friends or family felt it… so weird. That H&M skirt is so affordable! <3 it!

  • I love the idea of switching out pants for a fun skirt. I like that you paired yours with a denim shirt. Great combination.
    I didn’t hear about the earthquake. You’re right, they are scary no matter how small…Glad nothing was disturbed.

  • sorry to hear about the earthquake. We don’t get them in SA but I bet they must be scary.
    I love essie polish, and their coral shade is one of my faves!