Sweet Things Under $20


sweet things under $20sweet things under $20

Hello everyone, how are you all this Monday? Did you get to watch the Oscars last night? Any favorite red carpet dresses?

I have to say my favorite, by far, was Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford white cape and dress. It was simple and chic, and I love that she kept her jewelry, hair and make-up all fairly simple. It just looked really refreshing to me and quite effortlessly stunning if you ask me!

I think that was probably the key that made her stood out last night. And it’s such an easy look to replicate for the everyday girl like us too, don’t you think? I’m thinking you can easily pull off this look like this white dress by Black Halo that Katie recommended from her post yesterday. She really got it spot on about the new rules of wearing white. I’m pretty sure I want to try this look out very soon. :)

Have a great day and hope you enjoy this week’s $20 picks!

1. Asos, Pastel Bracelet 2. Zhush, Beach Days Vacuum Beads 3. Penquin, Paris verus New York 4. Lisa Rupp Design/Etsy, Floral Dishtowel 5. Kate Spade, Japanese Floral Pencil Set 6. Sur La Table/Kuhn Rikon, Gingham Paring Knive 7. West Elm, House Salt & Pepper Shaker 8. Zara, Sweater with Back Teardrop