Sweet Things Under $20


sweet things under $20sweet things under $20

Good morning, everyone! Hope you had a beautiful weekend. If you were in S.F. like me, I hope you enjoyed the sunshine and warmth! It’s almost hard to believe that we’re still in winter, but our days had been feeling more like spring/summer. Although I’m not complaining at all. :)

As always, the weekend flew by for me (Is there such a thing called a 7-day weekend? I think we need one of those!) Mine involved going to a little girl’s birthday party, enjoying brunch with a bellini, celebrating my mom’s birthday, watching the Superbowl (& Madonna with her amazing performance during the halftime show!) and sporting the cutest gold-dipped earrings, which by the way, it’s on this week’s $20 sweet finds!

gold dipped triangle earrings instagram ardor blog altsummit

If you’d like to share with me, I’d love to hear what you did this weekend too? I’m always looking for inspiration on what to do for the next. :)

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

1. Forever 21, Striped Flats 2. Anthropologie, Juice Glass 3. Old Navy, Cropped Knit Sweater 4. Need Supply, Apartamento Magazine 5. Cocoa, Artisan Chocolates from S.F.Ardor, Gold Dipped Triangle Earrings 7. Mattie Luxe, Personalized Placemat 8. Mignon Kitchen Co. – Meyer Lemon Curd