Hello Spring Wardrobe! Say Hi To My New Classic Essentials!


I’m so glad spring-like weather is finally coming back to the city. San Francisco has been raining cats and dogs and I’m just sooooooo ready to #SayHi to the sun again!

I suppose one good thing that came out of the rain was that I got to do a lot of spring cleaning at home with my closet. I got to clear out pieces I don’t wear anymore, like clothes I used to own pre-baby days and sadly the fits just aren’t the same. So I finally did a huge purge and am so happy to be making room for new pieces. And this is where the fun begins – slowly rebuilding my wardrobe again! I love turning to Old Navy for my casual go-to’s, and this spring I’ve partnered with Old Navy for their #SayHi campaign to highlight my favorite spring classic essentials.

Have you checked out their new collection lately? I’m loving all their nautical stripes, utility pieces, spring dresses and all the fun transitional layers and accessories that can add a little quirk to my style!

Ok, so here’s a little confession. This Bon Voyage Sweatshirt is supposed to be a “sweatshirt”, but I was so bummed when I only saw XXL left on the rack (obviously it’s a hot-seller). I took it to the fitting room anyway. And viola, it turned out to be the cutest sweatshirt-dress on me! I could’ve totally gotten my size online, but I’m kinda loving it as a dress (and I can still pair it with skinny jeans for a different look). Lucky for me I’m on the petite side so this trick totally scored for me! So my advice to you is, always take it to the fitting room and give it a try. You’ll just never know what works for your body and what makes you happy – don’t be afraid to ‘dress outside the box’.  :)

Buying stripes is like buying denim, you can never have enough! A classic stripe is a no-brainer for spring. For me though, it’s an essential all year round. I love this Heavy-Knit Shift Dress! It’s 100% heavy-weight soft cotton so it’s comfortable, feels substantial and it holds its shape! Quality like this can easily cost me between $80-$100 elsewhere but when I saw that it was only $22 I knew it was a good deal. To layer, I got this Relaxed Soft Tencel Shirt in Teak Rose, again so soft, so comfy, and hello, TEAK ROSE, so pretty! For a quick stroll at the beach, I always love carrying a wristlet and wearing my canvas sneakers.

Accessories are where you get to have all the fun and let your personality shine. This canvas tote is totally cute, right? Totes! :)  Ok, laugh at me all you want for loving cheesy puns.

Like I said, you can never own enough stripes! Another stripe piece I picked up at Old Navy is this Classic Lace-Up shirt. I love the updated nautical detail with the collar lace and I layered it with a light-weight Textured Boyfriend Cardigan and my Mid-Rise Distressed Jeans. This outfit can literally take me anywhere in the city and it’s the best transitional outfit between seasons.

Have I convinced you to do a little spring shopping yet? Just don’t be surprised if you see me on the streets wearing exactly the same outfits, I have a feeling these pieces will be on my heavy rotation!

If you like what you see here, stay tuned for my post in April! It’ll be fun, flirty, sweet, and everything in between. And if you’re loving any pieces you’re wearing from Old Navy this spring, be sure to tag #SayHi on your Instagrams and other social sharings so we can check out your spring style too!

Thanks so much for reading and supporting my sponsor Old Navy. All words and opinions are my own. Be sure to follow my Instagram and Snapchat for instant discoveries and behind-the-scenes.

Till next time!

Xo Jeanne