SST Welcomes a New Sponsor: BRIKA



Hey friends, happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Isn’t it nice to get that extra hour from daylight saving time on Sunday? Now that we have more light in the morning, it certainly makes getting out of bed a lot easier! :)

Today, I’m very excited to welcome a new sponsor on my blog, BRIKA (yup, that pretty ad on the right, that’s them!). They are a new shopping site that focuses on tightly curated craft products from authentic artisans and makers. Their vision is not only to create an online experience that celebrates craft, but to inspire women everywhere to discover the beauty of a “well-crafted life.” How do they do that? BRIKA is committed to tell the stories of these talented and inspiring artisans and makers they partner with. They believe that today’s modern day crafts should become tomorrow’s heirlooms, and through these stories customers will find a real connection with the products they buy – thus becoming a lifetime treasure.

To many of you, this sounds very much like Etsy. And in some way they are. I love Etsy and I do go there often for unique finds and products. But there are times I get so bombarded by the thousands of vendors they have on there that I get a little frustrated. I would love to use BRIKA in the sense that the vendors are carefully selected. And by tastefully showcasing the artisans and learning the stories behind the products, it would certainly make me appreciate the purchase more.


From a business standpoint, I’m always intrigued by how a new company is founded ~ especially when it involves a partnership. And just like a well-crafted product, I think the story of how a company started is also very important. And don’t we always want to know who the founders are anyways? How they met? Why they started what they started? What inspired them to began such an adventure? It’s always so inspiring to hear! While I’m not going to tell you about how they met (you can read it here), I do want to let you know that the both founders, Jennifer Lee Koss and Kena Paranjape, are very passionate about the value they created behind BRIKA and that you can really tell they are truly inspired by their vendors.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have BRIKA as another place to find unique products and artisans. However, their launch isn’t happening until mid-Novemeber. I know, I haven’t seen the site myself either – but this is how much faith I have in BRIKA. And truthfully, I would not be telling you this if it’s not something I strongly believe in. For those of us who are in the Bay Area and a Makeshift Society member, BRIKA is hosting a private pre-launch event next Friday, Nov. 16th. This will be a great way to meet and mingle with Jen and Kena, and of course to learn more about BRIKA. You know I will be there! :)

Last but not least, don’t forget to sign-up with BRIKA! They would love to offer you a first look to their lovely site before the actual launch, and they’re holding a contest just for you to win a spot (+1) to attend the event next Friday. In addition, there will also be a surprise promotion for Shop Sweet Things readers! Special perks and be the first in-the-know… oh, what a happy Monday!

Images via BRIKA