He Wears / She Wears – Something Green


Green Socks

Hey y’all, don’t forget to wear something green tomorrow so you don’t get pinch! It almost slipped my mind that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and I always thought it was a fun little tradition we have here. It brings back so many childhood memories… getting pinched, pinching others…haha, the things we do as kids!

I attended a few shopping events last night, and I can’t wait to fill you in on it next week. And guess what? I bought my first pair of red sole last night! Yes, my very own pair of Louboutin. Will have to tell you the story behind that!

Until then, have a happy weekend! And if you’re up for it, make this yummy green shake to celebrate!

HE WEARS Gant Rugger, Bar Stripe Socks SHE WEARS Clare Vivier, Le Pochette

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