Smitten Over Stripes & Scoops


Rand + Statler in Hayes Valley, SF

Remember last Thursday when I wrote about Chance’s latest collection + joining the Stripe Mania Party? Well, the next day I found out Chance was having a pop-up store in Rand + Statler in Hayes Valley, SF…and I thought, what better timing could this be? It was like a sign telling me to get on the floor with this Stripe Mania party already! So what I’ve decided to do was to have a little fun by wearing stripes while shopping stripes!

Jeanne at Rand + Statler in San Francisco

The first thing that caught my eye was this canvas day tote. I love the colors, the way the stripes were designed, and how soft the canvas was. it was like seeing stripes at its best!!

Stripes Mania

Chance's latest stripe collection

And the Turkish Foutas I said I loved so much and wanted it in every color? It was at the trunk show! The feeling of actually touching the product vs. seeing it online was unbeatable. The fabric of this foutas felt really soft yet very durable; it’s no joke when they said you can use it as a picnic blanket and as an evening wrap!

By the way, if I have one wish, I wish I can eat the whole bowl of stripe cookies without gaining a pound! :)

Stripe Mania Blog Event

Chance at Rand + Statler

Shop Sweet Things - Stripe Mania

Do I need more stripes in my closet? Oh YES I do!!

Chance Book

Turkish Foutas

Chance Trunk Show

Rand + Statler Store

As I was making my way out on Hayes, I couldn’t resist trying a freshly made scoop from the newly opened Smitten Ice-Cream. Every scoop is made to order and freshly churned – right in front of your eyes!

Smitten Ice Cream San Francisco

Jeanne enjoying Smitten Ice Cream

Instead of pre-freezing their ice-cream, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice-cream on the spot, kinda like what you see on Top Chef Masters. The result? One of the creamiest and most natural ice-cream I’ve ever tasted!! It’s a bit of a splurge on something as simple as ice-cream, but it’s definitely worth a try, especially on days when you need to give yourself a treat. :)

Smitten made fresh

Smitten sign - The freshest, purist ice cream

Banana Trench Coat, Denim Button down H&M, Marc Jacobs Watch

Outfit: Trench coat, jewelry & shoes, Banana Republic. Denim button-down, H&M. Stripe shirt, Zara. Skirt, Forever 21. Men’s watch, Marc Jacobsstole from husband. :)

RAND + STATLER. 425 Haye St. San Francisco, Hayes Valley.

SMITTEN ICE CREAM. 432 Octavia St. San Francisco, Hayes Valley.

(images via shop sweet things with jeanne)