New Year, New Baby, New Sneakers… And Then More!



I’ve been thinking about losing my post-baby weight ever since this post. I know, I haven’t had my baby yet and I’m already thinking about it. It’s true, the second time around, I feel bigger and had definitely gained more weight. And if all its true, I heard losing the weight second time around is also harder (at least that’s what Kourtney Kardashian said.)

I am dying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again. While I’m pretty confident most of my weight will come off eventually, I know it will take work. I don’t want to just look skinny. I also I want to feel healthy, alive, energized, and in shape. So my plan is to do plenty of walks and get back into yoga in hope to ease back into my fitness. One thing that always get me motivated to jumpstart my fitness is getting new gear. A pair of new sneakers always does the trick – which I literally just ordered! But while I’m at it, adding my other favorites on this list wouldn’t be a bad idea either. What did you do to lose your post-baby weight? I can’t wait to get started!

1. Modern Glass Water Bottle 2. High Street Sunglasses 3. Flavor Water Mixes 4. New iPod Shuffle 5. SPF 50 Spectrum Face Cream 6. Stripe Baby Carrier 7. Eclipse II Sneaker 8. The Un Yoga Mat 9. Free To Be Sports Bra

Image by Shop Sweet Things.