He Wears / She Wears – Pastel It Both Ways


There’s no rule that says the gents can’t rock pastels this spring! In fact, I think this trend looks even more refreshing on the guys than on the ladies.. no, boys, you’re not going to look like an Easter egg!  

While I was out at dinner last night, a gentleman was actually looking quite sharp in a pastel purple v-neck sweater… and get this, he’s a very techy guy who used to work in the Silicon Valley… yea, l know, who would’ve thought the engineers would ever break out from navy and black! Anyways, I guess time is changing and men are becoming more daring with colors – which is great! I think it would be super cool to wear this trend together this Easter weekend. What do you think of guys in softer hues?


  • George

    Ok, I’ll try the pastels and leave my navy and blks in the closet. I’m sure that comment was meant for me. :)

  • Cute color choices for Easter weekend! I’ve been trying to get the BF to stray from his usual black, blue and gray, but luckily, he at least tried stripes last year and this year we’re working on some rust colored khakis!