Lizzie Fortunato At Metier SF


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lizzie fortunato jewels trunk show metier sf twin sisters mother

The Fortunato Sisters at Metier trunkshow: (From Left) Kathryn Fortunato, Kim Fortunato (mother) & Lizzie Fortunato

lizzie fortunato jewels kathryn

Kathryn modeling one of their beautiful bags! 

Sometimes you meet a person and are simply bowled over by what they have achieved – well imagine that times two!

Such was the case in meeting twin sisters, Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, at their trunk show hosted by Metier (one of my favorite boutiques in SF) last Friday. At the age of 27, the sisters have teamed up to create a successful and exciting jewelry line which launched in 2007. A business that was born in the dorms of Duke University – where Lizzie dreamed up the designs and she and Kathryn constructed the pieces. Demand from the Duke undergrad community revealed that something real was being built.

Now based in NYC, Lizzie is the creative mind conjuring up these vibrant and whimsical pieces and Kathryn, the right-brain of the operation, ensures the business and financials are kept in line. Recently they have branched out beyond jewelry into some gorgeous clutches and handbags too – a dynamic duo without question!

Here are some items I can’t wait to add to my jewelry box and must-haves!

lizzie fortunato trunkshow métier sf

lizzie fortunato jewels resort 2012 collection earrings

Earrings to Envy: Forgotten Modern II Earrings (top left), Organic Architecture Gold Earrings (top right), Rustic Dreams Earrings (bottom left), L.A. Modern Earrings (bottom right)

lizzie fortunato jewels resort collection necklace bracelets

Must Have Now! Small Fortune – Crossroads Necklace (top left), Eames House Cuff (top right), Wildcat III Necklace (bottom left), The Pioneer & Prairie Bangles (bottom right ) 

I was so thrilled when Kathryn sent me these images to share with you, because they are not yet posted to their website. But for us S.F. ladies, you can head over to Metier and purchase from stock or make a special order if it is not an item they carry regularly! Some items are produced in limited quantities so make sure you call to reserve your special piece!


(Images via Lizzie Fortunato Jewels and Katie Horan)

  • So, so pretty! Really wish I got to meet them in person. They seem like the sweetest girls everyone wants to meet. Will have to make a stop at Metier soon. :) Thanks for introducing another fabulous line, Katie!

  • Beautiful, humble, chic & talented – Lizzie & Kathryn are a pair to watch!

  • McKinleyWilliamson

    I am obsessed the ring in the bracelet pic! Any info you have on it would be hugely appreciated!

    • That’s my engagement ring!  It too is from Metier.  It is from the 1920’s – English in origin.  Metier carries beautiful antiques – and every now and then very similar settings to this one.  The ring is called a star-setting – hard to see in the picture but there is a tiny star-shaped diamond in the middle of the setting surrounded by smaller round-cut diamonds.  Almost has a floral look from a distance.  Thanks – I like it too!

      • McKinleyWilliamson

        Thanks so much! It’s absolutely beautiful.

        • Of course!  I always knew I wanted a ring with a little history to it;)

  • Wow what a great feature, these ladies are quite accomplished and have amazing taste! Love these pieces, I’ll have to make sure to check out all their pieces online! 

    • Thanks Bettina!  What’s your favorite?  I want the Wildcat necklace first and foremost.

      • My fav was the Wildcat necklace also, so amazing!

  • Unfortunately all of Spring is not online yet, but should be soon!  Yes amazingly stylish and talented!

  • oh my!!! loving all these pieces!

    • Right?  So unique and they are such statement makers!

  • Erin Hiemstra

    how did i miss this event!!

    • Sorry you missed it Erin!  Metier events are so wonderful – don’t miss the next one!  Designers/Guests are very accessible for conversations.