Kitchy Kitchy | What my kitchen stuff says about me…



I didn’t even realize I have this kitchy obsession until I started blogging! I have a HUGE love for tabletop and kitchen accessories. I’m constantly collecting and rotating them in my tiny 300 sq. ft. kitchen and dining area. It’s literally the one trick I use the most to keep my space fresh and interesting. And when it comes to design, I’m discovering that I’m a huge fan of mixing modern and classics with just the right dose of quirkiness. I think it shows a little about my outlook in life… be serious, but not “too” serious. Like, you know, just have fun and make the most out of it! Does that make sense? :)

1. bronze bamboo spoon 2. forever dot tea towel 3. pear coffee cup 4. porcelain berry basket 5. enamel storage boxes 6. copper classic teakettle