Hey Darlings, Its A Giveaway!


jendarling travel pouch africana accessories

Happy Monday, dah-lings! I am feeling extra ecstatic today because I am hosting an exclusive giveaway with the wonderful Jendarling bag ~ an eco-luxe travel accessories brand that has been getting quite some buzz lately!

JENDARLING has received many press since the company launched in 2008. You may already be acquainted with the brand because recently it was featured as part of the Gilt City SF Tastemaker program that was selected by co-founders of Rue Magazine, Anne Sage & Crystal Gentilello, and was also featured on this wonderful Examiner article last week. Jendarling is currently available online and also at GUMPS, a SF destination for all things luxury! And if that’s not enough, let just say her celebrity fans include Anne Hathaway, Renee Loux, and the one lady who we all love so much ~ Rachel Zoe.

THE GIVEAWAY. So, yes, I hope you know why I’m so excited to have Jendarling here to host a giveaway for my readers! Jennifer Bennette, founder & designer of Jendarling, had graciously offer this beautiful Africana Pouch for a chance for you to win. I cannot be more honored to have this on my blog! The pouch is made with genuine Italian leather with a vintage print lining, and it is locally made in California (price: $105, size: 7” x 5”.) This little darling is so elegant and chic I would use it even if I wasn’t traveling. Darn, how I wish I can enter my own giveaway! 

Ok, ok… I’m gonna stop teasing you. The giveaway starts today, 10/17, Monday and will end 10/24, next Monday, PST 12:00am. Winner will be announced on Wednesday via my blog, Facebook and Twitter. Both U.S. and Overseas readers are welcome to enter. Woohoo, I can’t forget my overseas friends! :) 



  • Just leave me a comment here telling us “Where’s your favorite travel spot?” and be sure to leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Do as many as the followings to get extra entries:


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So, let’s say if you’re a giveaway fanatic and did all of the above – you can get up to 14 entries! I’m telling ya, I really want you to win this!

I wish you all the best of luck and please don’t forget to tell everyone you know to enter! Thanks so much in advance for entering my sweet giveaway and good luck! :)

  • 1smileygirl

    My favorite travel spot is the happiest place on earth … Disneyland!! And now that they have a hotel in a Hawaii … I can’t wait to check that one out!

  • Lindsey
  • Guest

    Where’s your favorite travel spot? – Paris

  • Favorite travel spot:  surfing in costa rica!!!  xo-

  • 1smileygirl

    I liked this post on Facebook too.

  • Allergictovanilla

    fave travel spot- Paris (outdoor bistro people watching w/ the bf!) – I actually saw Jen yesterday in the Fillmore, fingers crossed you pick me!! yay-thanks for hosting this Jeanne!

    xo Carlina

  • Allergictovanilla

    Liked this post on FB!!


  • Allergictovanilla

    Liked JenDarling on FB!


  • Allergictovanilla

    already liked “Shop Sweet Things” on fb!!! (of course)


  • Allergictovanilla

    following JenDarling on twitter

  • Allergictovanilla

    following you on twitter- obvi!! haha

  • Allergictovanilla

    and I’ll start tweeting about it right now! 

    xo Carlina

  • My favorite travel spot is Tokyo! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Kate Hand

    What a great giveaway! My favourite travel spot is Miami..I had such a great time last time I was there and hope to go back next year : )

  • Rena

    LOVE London but even more hippie/retro/chic is the beachtown of Brighton down in the south. Nothing better than antique shopping, watching the coast and talking smack with my favorite local British men. LOVE me some UK!!

  • Rena

    EXTRA EXTRA: done, done and done!! :) e: rena@provocateur-media.com

  • Favorite spot: New York City. The energy, the shopping, the vibe, the food, the city, the people…  Love love LOVE Jen Darling Bags and Shop Sweet Things! xo, @dudleypages

  • Laceynjay
  • Fenny setiawan

    Love this giveaway Jeanne, my fave spot for vacation are few but the most is Tokyo. Love the vibrant of the city.

  • Colleen / Inspired to share

    My favorite spot (that I’ve been to so far) is Jamaica! Pure paradise. This is such a great giveaway, Jeanne! I’m already following you but now I’m following Jendarling on FB and Twitter! xoxo

  • Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    Lovely! I just came back from Phiket Thailand and it was marvelous!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  • Chantal {luxxury livving}

    Hi Jeanne, what a great giveaway!  And I luv discovering new things so thanks!  I would luv to be entered into this contest.  I’ve not travelled much sadly, it’s my dream… but I have been to LA for a weekend and loved it!

    Chantal {luxxury livving}

  • Chantal {luxxury livving}

    Hi Jeanne… following you both and tweet tweeted away… thanks!!!!

    Chantal {luxxury livving}

  • Today, my favorite travel spot is Satellite Beach, FL where we’re spending some time. My favorite travel spots change as we move around -LOL-.
    Sandra — thistlecovefarms at gmail dot com

  • Desha Peacock

    Hi Jeanne! Let’s see- I love travelling internationally. I love the Sierra Madre Mountains of Spain. I love anywhere in the Mediterrean. I’d love to go to Istanbul next~

  • Desha Peacock

    Also tweeted and shared on FB!

  • Eclairre

    The beach! So relaxing :)

  • Allergictovanilla

    just tweeted it again!

    xo Carlina
    (Happy Tuesday)

  • My favorite travel spot is my family’s cottage in Glen Haven, Michigan. It’s nothing but sand, relaxing, and cherry pie!

  • lauren

    Amazing giveaway! My favorite place to go so far is Costa Rica!!

  • lauren

    I follow you on twitter of coourse!

  • lauren

    follow Jendarling now on twitter!

  • lauren

    liked Jendarling on FB!

  • lauren

    and already liked Shop Sweet Things!

  • Stasia

    My favorite spot is Istanbul.  Oh the spices!!

  • Stasia

    I liked this post!

  • Stasia

    And I liked Shop Sweet Things! 

  • Omg that is the CUTEST bag! I am totally in on this giveaway! My favorite travel spot is…LA. It’s far enough to feel like a million miles away! That and I lived there for four years, so it’s always nice to come back to my former home!


  • Just followed Jendarling on Twitter! 

  • And of course, I’m already following you on Twitter too! :)

  • Liked Jendarling on FB!

  • My favorite travel spot is Hong Kong during the HK International Film Festival season which runs from March to April (my birthday month) every year. It’s just magical, and you’re surrounded by a culture of stylish filmgoing fans and international celebs. Some of the screenings even take place in the cinema designed by French designer agnès b. Plus, you can’t beat the experience of doing power movie marathons from over 50 countries in a span of a month. I love HK in April. I call it my bright lights, little city. <3

    Oh wow, Jeanne, this is a lovely contest. Now I have nostalgia! Thanks for holding this giveaway.

  • Of course, liked you on FB too!! 

  • Okay.. and I liked this post on FB! Whew! Think that’s all of ’em :) Fingers crossed!

  • what a fun giveaway – following everyone now….
    my favourite destination is San Sebastia, Spain  – I spent three days there many years ago and I can never forget it!!! wonderful!!!

  • Rochelle at Studio ‘g’

    Hi — coming over from BYW — I think I did all the following things except tweet it 8 times (will work on that one).  fingers crossed for winning — that bag is adorable — and I could use a new one! best – R

  • Iris .

    My favorite spot is Venice, feels like coming home every time I go there. 
    x Iris

  • Iris .

    Liked you on FB!
    x Iris

  • Lone

    Oh I LOVE Paris. Great giveaway

  • Jackie

    Rio de Janeiro. Hands down?

  • Brianna

    I just got back from Paris and loved it! I also lost my passport and was stuck an extra couple days… Freudian slip? :)

  • Amanne

    Favorite travel spot has got to be a toss up between Dubai and Rome. I’d easily live in either one of those places.

  • Fenny setiawan

    I tweet this giveaway again today. I badly want to win haha…

  • What a gorgeous bag! My absolute favorite travel spot is Paris! I would love to live there for a couple of years.  I liked Jendarling on FB, already liked SST, liked this post on FB, followed Jendarling, already follow SST and tweeted about the giveaway!

  • Ohhh probably Paris, no London, no Paris…I was an international flight attendant and London still has quite a bit of charm and Paris is really beautiful city hands down!

  • Allergictovanilla

    tweeted about the giveaway yesterday!

    xo Carlina

    fingers crossed!!!!!!

  • Thao Le

    “Where’s your favorite travel spot?” – The city by the bay of course!!

  • Marie @etincellestudio

    Super giveaway Jeanne! my favorite travel spot is Japan (Tokyo in particular) as it has everything I look for when traveling: super good food, culture clash and tradition, nice people, beautiful landscapes (ok maybe not Tokyo, but Japan as a country), and shopping heaven.
    I can’t wait to go back!!!

  • Marie @etincellestudio

    I liked your FB page (I can’t believe I haven’t done it before!!)

  • Marie @etincellestudio

    I liked Jendarling FB page (love their profile pic).

  • My favorite travel destination is definitely Spain. I’ve been twice and I just love everything about that country- I would go back in a heartbeat!  Thanks for offering this giveaway! :) starcrossedsmile@gmail.com

  • Paris! Of course :) 

  • George

    My favorite destination is Italy!

  • I would love to say Paris, but I’ve never been. So my favorite would be Japan and Bali!

  • Allergictovanilla

    tweeted yesterday night after running into you- by the way it’s always so great to see you!! x


  • Allergictovanilla

    oh and I just tweeted again! Thats gotta put me up to like 100 entries now…hah! #winning

    x Carlina

  • Jen

    overwhelmed by all the kind feedback —-merci beaucoup & xo.  we can’t wait to share the winner!  

  • overwhelmed by the kind feedback!  merci beaucoup & xo.  Can’t wait to share the winner!  
    A must travel destination is down under mate via Sydney & diving up near Port Douglass QLD

  • Ancsoca

    London, I’ve been there 6 times, it’s the city where I can do whatever I want and be 100% myself because no one knows my past. ancsoca@gmail.com

  • Kimberly

    The island of Capri, in Italy! It’s absolutely gorgeous and sunny. I come from Hawaii, so I’d say it’s like a European equivalent. :)

  • Allergictovanilla

    woot woot- newest entry posted to twitter like 5 min ago!! 

    fingers crossed!


  • Lcchally

    Honestly, any time I travel with my family, we always end up having a good time, no matter where we are. We just got back from a trip to England, and it was marvelous! We’ve been before, but never to the Lake District, which was gorgeous, especially since Beatrix Potter’s summer home is there! 


  • I love traveling to Weed California! It’s a nice location just 4 hours north of San Francisco with a small town feel but wonderfully close enough to civilization! There are so many things to do and discover there and the views of Mt. Shasta are just spectacular!