I Lovely Love…


i lovely love my family etsy poster

Weekends have never been so precious until I started my own little family. It’s the only time where the three of us can really do fun things together. I love spending every minute with them… brunching, strolling the streets, just being out & about together with friends and family is really what makes my ideal weekend! What about you? What do you look forward to during the weekends?

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  • Igor

    Well, I will do right that – spend the weekend with my family, my nieces and nephews:-) happy weekend to you, Jeanne!!

  • I looove running errands, there’s something so fun about being out and about on the weekends! I can’t wait until I have a lil’ fam bam one day to take with me on my errand runs!

  • Eli

    This print would look so pretty on a frame and hung!! My favorite parts of the weekend are probably the relief of not having to wake up way too early for work :)

  • Thanks for the follow, LOVE your blog!

  • there’s no wasting of time when you spend it with your loved ones!  xo