He Wears / She Wears – How To Tie a Bow Tie


gentlemen bow tie

jason wu pre-spring 2012how to tie a bow tie

Isn’t this illustration cool? Although, I don’t think this guide is reserved for the gents anymore. I, for one, am very in favor of the bow tie trend for the ladies. There’s just something very proper, sexy and sweet about it!

I found this polka dot bow tie that I thought it’d look great on your man, but you can definitely steal it for a killer outfit! Which just reminded me, George wore this deep navy, silk bow tie at our wedding, and I haven’t seen him wore it since. Maybe I need to dig that up and try that look myself!

Well, friends, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If you weren’t here earlier this week, don’t forget to catch me here, here, and enter this. Katie will be here on Sunday for another great fashion post, and I’ll be back on Monday for some amazing $20 finds!

Have a great one! xo Jeanne

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  • Igor Josifovic

    You know what, I will never learn it:-)))

  • love this!!! i really hope you find that bow tie!!! ;)
    happy friday!

  • wish I could rock this look but I don’t think I have the chops to pull it off! Maybe I’ll ease in the untied bowtie look…

  • Eli

    I’m right with the other person, this diagram may as well be in another language for me. I’ll stick to the premade ones :)

  • I love the look of a woman in a tuxedo. It’s so classic looking, and never gets old. Love all the feminine touches on the one you show above.