Hayden is on Cuyana!




It is so cute to see my little miss Hayden on the front page of Cuyana! They came over to our house last week and shot some photos for a Mother’s Day campaign for their beautiful collections of leather goods. I was so flattered when the founders thought of us for this. We had so much fun shooting!

Have you checked out Cuyana yet? They travel the world to find the best quality of materials and make the finest leather goods and accessories. Their styles are always timeless, chic and well-made. I’ve been using their leather tote almost everyday now and love how sturdy it is! I literally have everything in there from my big fat wallet to baby wipes to sunglasses to stuffed animals. And the style is so versatile that I wear it with almost anything. I can seriously have a few more of these and wouldn’t mind it at all. If you’re still looking for a nice Mother’s Day gift that will last, Cuyana will probably be one of your best bets!

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