Gretel // Pretty Modern Design


If I were ever to own an online shop, Gretel would come pretty close to how I want my shop to be like. Pretty and modern.

I love how the style has just the right amount of sophistication, yet doesn’t make my home look too stuffy. Even if I owned every piece from this shop, my home would still feel fresh and fun.

The owner, Abby Kellet, is a British interior stylist herself. Not only does she source her products from around the world, it’s also perfectly curated. She doesn’t over stock items with everything that catches her eyes, rather she carefully edits her collection with what she loves the most. Thus, hoping her customers (like me!) would fall in love with it too – which I absolutely do!

I’m also very surprised with how accessible her products are. You can find some very unique and quality stuff anywhere from $30 to $500, making it so easy to make your home feel, well, pretty and modern.

(Images via Gretel)