Gaga For Celine Luggage Tote



I have to admit, the Celine Luggage Tote is a pretty handsome bag. Not to mention when Joe Zee of Elle tweeted this picture of their 2012 collection, I think everybody’s jaw just dropped! No wonder why everyone is going gaga for it!

I am especially in love with the color ones. This yellow, crossbody one – called the “Nano Luggage” mini –  that Harley Viera-Newton is wearing instantly caught my eye! Perhaps yellow is my current favorite color? Or maybe because I love how she’s wearing it with the lace dress? So pretty yet so laid back. Whatever it is, I am in love.

Celine Luggage Tote Colbalt Blue

My heart also went racing when I saw this Luggage Tote in colbalt blue. This is the more popular size and it’s definitely downright chic. I can actually see myself wearing this style more than the mini… but can’t a girl just have both?!

I’m curious, when you make a purchase on a luxury item, do you go for the more popular styles? Or do you tend to go for a style you don’t see too often? Do you go for colors or neutrals? (Btw, I die when I see Anh carrying hers everywhere! So jealous!)


It’s a tough call for me. One hand, I want to have something more unique. On the other, I want to make sure my investment piece will last through season to season (like for the next 10 years!) It’s a constant battle for me, I tell ya! What about you? How do you make your decision when buying a luxury piece?

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