Florals Done Right.



Love the mix of these two floral patterns! And I thought adding stripes into the mix would be a bit much, but this picture says otherwise. 


Go tropical!


And go vintage-y! 

I’ve been trying really hard not to fall into the “trend” – you know, the floral trend. But just one flip through the H&M magazine and I get pulled right back into it. I swear, that place gets you. I’m on a sneaker kick right now, so I’m going to hunt these down to add a dash of floral in my wardrobe. I mean, they’re kinda fun, right? And they’re only $12.95! I think I can bear with that. :)

What about you? Are you resisting the floral temptation or are you embracing the trend?

Images taken with iPhone via H&M magazine. P.S. – the bottom two looks are available at the store.