Sponsor Spotlight :: Far & Wide Collective


far and wide collective


Happy Monday, all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today, I want to introduce you to my new sponsor on the blog, Far & Wide Collective! They are a new online marketplace that partners with some of the most talented artisans in post-conflict and emerging economies. Think Pakistan, Kenya, India, and Afganistan to name a few. They’re passionate about discovering the beautifully unique and carefully made things in the tucked-away workshops and rural village markets on these exotic travels.

Hedvig C. Alexander, the founder, is quite impressive herself. She had spent seven years in Afghanistan working in international development and established an organization, Building Markets, in Afghanistan that stimulates the local economy by encouraging international businesses to support local goods and services. Hedvig realized that even the most talented craftswomen and men were unable to connect with buyers abroad. There were no outlets for them to benefit from their beautiful, authentic, and handmade items. Hedvig decided to create an online marketplace that would focus entirely on bringing a new segment of makers to the international market, and hence, Far & Wide Collective is born.

I think her story and vision are great! And when I looked into the site and products, they really are beautiful! I’ve been really into woven baskets lately, and her selection on these handwoven ones are far way better than what I’m seeing out there, and the prices are reasonable too! There are lots to look at on the site, from home decor, to clothing & accessories, to jewelry, you’ll be sure to find some exotic goods in there! If you like what you’re seeing here, don’t forget to check out their site and show my sponsor some love on their FB and Twitter!

Image by Shop Sweet Things.