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Whether in home or fashion, one thing I like to do is scouting out new trends and design. I also love discovering new brands that are just right under the radar, but seem to have a mass appeal. I recently came across Dear Frances (via my friend’s site, I Heart Luxe). The new footwear brand is by a London-based designer, Jane Frances. It has already gained recognition by global press like, Vogue Italia, UK, and Spain, Marie Claire, AnOther Magazine, and has won a prestiges award in footwear. So, alright, maybe not that “under the radar” after all. But it is certainly new to me and to the U.S. market anyway.

What I love most is the translucent, stripe detail in the heels. Not all their shoes have the translucent detail, but I think using the stripe is definitely one of the brand’s signature element. It could also explain why I’m so in love with it because I love stripes, and Dear Frances is using it in a very different way.

Anyway, I’ve seen other translucent heels before and I thought they were cool. But maybe just a bit “too cool” for me. This design feels subtle enough yet it still makes a statement. I love that it is refined and prides on craftsmanship, all good qualities on having a good closet shelf life, right? What comes to mind instantly is that it really plays on that “business in the front, party in the back” that everyone is loving these days. I can totally see a chic lady walking in a meeting with these shoes and then head straight to a dinner party afterwards, with a few good compliments to boot. :)

Have you spotted any good (new) brands lately? What are some of the up and coming trends that have caught your eyes? I actually have one in mind but I’ll save that for another post. :) 

xo, Jeanne

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