My Current Obsessions


Our spring hasn’t been feeling so spring lately. So I thought I’d buy myself some flowers to brighten up my day.

Anyways, I thought today would also be the perfect day to stay in and share with you some of my current obsessions…


I picked up this lovely bar soap last week at Perch. It came in five different yummy colors & scents, and really, I was tempted to buy it all.  But I held myself back and only purchased one that came in this blush tin box in the scent of Neroli Clementine. This candied orange scent smelled so delicious, and I love it that I’m able to keep the tin box for later use. It’s like buying 2 for 1!


I wasn’t the only one who left Perch with a treat. My daughter also found her current obsession here with these soft and cuddly Jellycat. The moment she laid her hands on it she wouldn’t let go. The funny thing is she was never like that with any other stuffed animals.

It was also kinda embarrassing because the shop owner was right in front of us as I was trying to take it away from my daughter, but then she decided to put it in her mouth! So I had no choice but to take it home with us (seriously, babies are smart these days!) Now she falls asleep with them, and we named it “Sweet Pea” the Rabbit and “Eddie” the Elephant.

Vintage Ring & Tops

I scored these vintage goodies from Painted Bird on Valencia last week. I first heard of this store from Tara over at the Wonder Girl, and since I’ve been feeling kinda thrifty lately I decided to head on over.

Well oh well, I ended up walking out with these vibrant pieces which I thought it would be so perfect for the spring! Vintage ring, $12. Vintage red silk top, $14. Vintage floral top, $8. Can’t wait to mix them up with my favorite pair of shorts and sandals!

{images: shop sweet things with jeanne}