Astrobrights Thank You Cards | BLOW








I’m always on the look out for thank you cards. I think it’s a nice gesture to send to someone whenever they give you a gift or did something nice for you. Everyone likes to be appreciated and that’s the truth.

I’ve seen many TY cards out there, but I haven’t seen anything quite like these! Maybe because I’m really into astrobrights and geometric design, and I love the gold foiling details. The square design is also quite unique. I love that these cards can be given to your guy or girlfriends. I guess I always like to find products that’s versatile in that way.

Now the question is, where can you buy them? Well, I was trying to hunt these down but unfortunately they are not on sale right now. These are made by a really cool Hong Kong based design studio called BLOW, founded by designer Ken Lo in 2010. I think they’ll be selling these online soon but I may just contact them directly to see if I can get first dibs. :)

In other news, this weekend is kinda big for me. My baby Hayden is turning 3 this Sunday! Can you believe it?! Hayden’s been with me on this blog since she was 6 months old! If it wasn’t for her, I may have never quit my job to stay home and started blogging. So to be connecting with you here is indirectly because of her, haha! We’re throwing a party for Hayden at Seesaw this Sunday and we’re going to have the little ones build little terrariums in mason jars with little Japanese figurines. Should be fun, I hope. You really never know what kids end up liking or not! Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be sharing her birthday on Instagram so I guess we’ll see how her party turns out!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And THANK YOU, THANK YOU as always for coming by my little bloggity blog! See you all next week. – xo