6 “Tried and True” Beauty Tips For Your 30’s


beauty tips for your 30s

As I’m approaching closer to my mid-30s (turning 34 next month, yikes), I am noticing my skin is starting to change. I never emphasized too much on my beauty routine when I was in my 20s, or even in my early 30s. I was able to get by using Proactive Solutions most of the time and kept it really simple with over-the-counter moisturizers. But with this past year, I noticed my routine is not working as well. I’ve been breaking out more, the wrinkles under my eyes are really starting to show, and my skin just seemed to be more dull no matter how much make-up I put on. So lately, I’ve been thinking, if I don’t do something right now I’m not gonna age very well. Seriously, who wants that? 

Luckily, when I had my last facial done (which is so essential at this age), my esthetician gave me a few pointers on what I can do to take care of my skin at this age. I’ve been meaning to share this with you guys, along with few other beauty tips I’ve been picking up. And while I am no beauty expert here, I thought it’s always fun to share and swap beauty tips with my girlfriends. :)

1. Avoid Using or Re-Applying Powder. I usually set my make-up with a mineral loose powder in the morning and use a pressed powder throughout the day to keep my skin from looking oily. However, what I’ve learned lately is that, especially in our 30’s, the powder sets into your wrinkles and it actually makes it look worse. So instead, start using blotting paper throughout the day and only use the powder when its necessary. No blotting paper on hand? I find those toilet seat covers (I know, not the most appealing thing in the world) work extremely well. Oh, and those eye cream samples you get from beauty counters? Keep them in your purse and apply during the day when you feel like it needs a little attention. They’re not just for morning and night!

2. Use an Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. While I am not ashamed of my wrinkles, I wouldn’t want to highlight it either. Another trick of the trade is to use an illuminating tinted moisturizer. I was told that not only does this product keeps the skin moisturize throughout the day, but the shimmery effect helps reflect light against our skin thus making our wrinkles less apparent. (whoop whoop!)

3. Invest in a Skin Cleansing System. So my esthetician swore by the Clarisonic. It’s by the same maker as the toothbrush, Sonicare, and it’s suppose to thoroughly clean and clear pores and skin’s surface, just like how it’s been cleaning your teeth and gum. She told me that once I hit my 30s, my skin will not be able regenerate as quickly as it did in my 20s, and the dead skin cells tend to build up faster. So having a really good exfoliating system is the key to keeping the skin from breaking out and looking dull.

4. No Less Than 55. Putting sunscreen on as part of your beauty routine is a no brainer.  In fact, this habit should start as early as in your teens. Even I’d put sunscreen on on my little toddler when she is exposed to the sun more than 10 minutes. However, my esthetician suggests that at our age (or even starting at our 20s), we should be using a sunscreen no less than SPF 55. I’m glad I’ve already been doing this. Even in our foggy San Francisco weather, she said its crucial to have it on everyday to prevent any sun damage on the face and this SPF level is the most effective.

5. Use a Clay Mask. There are so many different masks in the market I am honestly so confused which ones to use. Detoxifying, hydrating, rejuvenating… I mean, they all sound really good and would love to try them all. But I think that would be a bit overkill on my skin. Especially when my skin is more on the sensitive side, I am afraid it will have an adverse effect. So, this was another perfect opportunity to ask my esthetician, “if I am to use one mask, which one should I use?” And without hesitation, she said a purifying clay mask. It deeply cleanses and extracts all the nasty stuff from our pores and it helps balance the natural oil in our skin. Since then, I’ve been doing a clay mask twice a week and am seeing a real improvement on my skin. :)

6. It’s All About Being Gentle. Ok, I admit, I use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub too. I use to think that the harder the scrub the better it will work on my face. That’s absolutely false. Especially now, the last thing we want to do is to strip away our skin’s natural oil. So again, my esthetician suggested me to use a daily gentle cleanser and a water-based toner or alcohol-free toner every time after I cleanse my face. And I have to say, I used to skip my toner because I thought the alcohol really made my skin uncomfortable. But now I’m so happy with the alcohol-free toner. She said this is a very important step not to skip because it helps balance the pH level of our skin, meaning leaving it at the most neutral stage and thus less prone to oiliness or infection.

Ok, ladies, these are my tips. Did you find them helpful? Or do you know most of them already? And hey, if you got other beauty products or tips you’d like to share with me and my readers, please do! I am kinda fascinated with beauty right now. :)

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