6 iPhone Cases I Adore At ALT!


There were a whole lot of styles going on at the Alt Summit this year, but one thing I couldn’t help adoring were the pretty iPhone cases I was seeing left and right! It’s kind of crazy how an accessory like an iPhone case these days can speak so much about your personal style & taste. And if you know any of these bloggers above at all, you know that the cases they have in their hands match their personality perfectly. And thanks to these fab ladies, I got the deets on where you can get one in your hands too!

From the top…

1. Kelly of Design Crush. Her stylish phone case literally had me at “hello!” – Pencil Shavings Studio

2. Jessie of Style & Pepper. The floral print on her phone case complement her flower pin & pretty wavy hair!, how lovely! –  J.Crew (similar styles)

3. Gala of Gala Darling. Love that her phone case is nothing but darling and radical – it’s very Gala! – LUXYLOLI

4. Jessica of What I Wore.The classic never fails! Kate Spade

5. Rachelle of Kenzipoo & La Petite Magazine. Her phone case doubles as a mirror. How clever is it that you can check your make-up in between tweets! Perfect double-duty case for a busy mom! iLuv (similar style)

6. Jessica of DahliaLynn Lane. Just the perfect DIY phone case for a talented jewelry maker. DIY via Tulip Louise

Got any favorites?