16 Eye-Candy Cases to Dress-Up Your New iPhone 5


iphone 5 cases

Hey everybody, how was your weekend? Did you get caught up with all the craze on the new iPhone 5 this weekend? Did you get one??

I pre-ordered mine online and am getting it in the mail tomorrow. So excited!! If you’re ever out & about with me, you know I always have my iPhone in my hands. It is literally my best friend. I use it a lot to take pictures (since I can’t operate a DSLR in public, haha), so I depend on it hugely to help me capture blog contents as well as special moments when I’m out with my favorite people. Seriously, can’t leave home without it these days!

With the new iPhone 5, out goes the iPhone 4 ~ which means I also need to retire my polka dot iPhone 4 case. It’s a little sad to depart because it has gotten me so many compliments over the last two years, but at the same time, I’m ready to change it up. And with so many nice ones already out on the market, I’m gonna have a pretty hard time choosing my next case…. as of now, I got 16 on my list. :) Have you seen other cute ones? I would love to know! –

From top, left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4 // 5, 6, 7, 8 // 9, 10, 11, 12 // 13, 14, 15, 16

And here are more iPhone cases if you’re into pretty colors

Neon iPhone Cases


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  • Fenny

    Aww, you gonna have iPhone5, they only launch here next month. I am thinking to change my iPhone 4 to 5 as well. And I am loving all the casing selection here :)

  • what a great selection jeanne! my favorite is the tortoise!!! too bad i don’t have an iphone 5 :(

  • These are some fun choices! I am undecided on one to get…..but I hate that they are not ready to go! I have a Kate Spade iPhone 4 case stretched out on mine right now to protect it from the bambinos (and me)!

  • Oh, you’ve picked some good ones up there. My husband’s iPhone 5 arrived in the mail on Friday. He was lured to the dark side after being an Android user for many years. I heard it has some cool new features, so enjoy!

  • Iroanya

    Where are you getting ur cases from???? I’ve been searching and haven’t seen any as cute as these! Lol please share! 

    • Hi there! I listed where each case is from at the bottom of my post (in numbers). If you click on it, it should take you to the vendor that sells it. But mainly, these cases are from Society 6, Etsy, and InCase. Glad you like them!! 

      • Stephanie

        The links no longer work. Do you remember where you saw case #2? I have to have it!

        • So sorry, I don’t remember the vendor. It’s from Etsy. I think you can do a search on stripe iPhone 5 cases on Etsy and there’s numerous options you can choose from. Hope this helps!

    • littlebazaarbox

      Check out http://etsy.com/shop/littlebazaarbox for cute iPhone 6 cases!

  • I love these!  I was looking for a fun iPhone case, and here are so many great ideas!

  • sarah

    kate spade crossword one for sure! thanks for sharing society6 is a good find!

  • Daria9949

    I’m in love with all of them *.* but for me as I am from Poland it’s too expensive :'(

  • Katrinadelacruz

    Where can i buy this cases? Is there any branch or shop here in the philippines?

  • fairylover

    are these cases for iphone 5s??

  • Emily

    The links for the cases don’t work for me please could u tell me where u get number 15 and 16 from