Ham & Egg Crepe Squares


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This week, I had a little lunch meeting at this new spot called Galette 88. Actually, it’s not really new. They’ve been opened since December and I have not known about it. It’s a hidden gem in this very-easy-to-miss alley way in the Financial District and they serve buckwheat galettes and sweet crepes. The interior is very modern compares to a lot of the eateries in this area. So for those of you who works around here and needs a little getaway oasis on your lunch hour, this is a good spot to hit up!

I have not tried a galette before (never knew crepes come in a folded square!), so it was fun to try something new. I ordered “the complete” which came with emmentaler cheese, ham, and soft cooked egg. And I also ordered a watermelon aqua fresca ~ so refreshing! It sounded like a simple meal but it was certainly filling and satisfying.

Thinking ahead of our Labor Day holiday next weekend (I know, I can’t wait), I thought this would be a great brunch to make. To recreate what I tried at Galette 88, I just came across a simple ham & egg crepe squares recipe just for that! Nothing beats a scrumptious brunch to start the perfect weekend, don’t you think?! :)

Ham & Egg Crepe Squares

On another note, if you have some time this weekend, be sure to pop in here to read up on my feature on how I use Pinterest for blogging! And if you’re also a Pinterest lover, I’d love to exchange ideas on how you use Pinterest as well. :)

Have a happy Friday and I’ll see you next week!

(Top images via Shop Sweet Things. Bottom image via Martha Stewart)