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Mona De Castellarnau Yellow Leather Clutch

Mona De Castellarnau Modern Baby Throw Blanket

Mona De Castellarnau Star Pillow There are times I think about why I started this blog, and it always comes down to my passion on sharing cool products and brands. I’m not one who writes fancy copy and tries to tell you that this is the best thing ever. It’s just that when I see something good, I get excited and I want to share with my friends. It’s almost like I can’t keep a secret – you know that feeling? 

My interest has always been in fashion, home & lifestyle. And after a few years of blogging, these markets can feel overly saturated. Sometimes you think you’ve seen everything already, and then you come across a new brand like Mona de Castellarnau that can totally take you by surprise.

I love that Mona, the founder and creative director, describes her minted new brand (since 2015) as “a creative lifestyle luxury label”. Mona has 12 years of experience working with global luxury brands, so if you’re looking for someone who knows a thing or two about designing for the luxury market, Mona is your gal.

I always have a soft spot for quality goods with a subtle twist of whimsy and playfulness. I think it serves the person who appreciates the finer things in life, yet is someone who also wants to have fun and not take everything so seriously. Ok, maybe I’m describing myself here, haha! So when I saw Mona’s new label, I knew her design would be right up my alley. What caught my eyes right away was the Taro Clutch, that I now own and love so much! It’s the perfect shade of yellow. I love the lining in a fun, contemporary pattern, and the shape is clean and timeless. Not to mention, the stitching and quality is flawless. (Spoiler alert, you’ll want to keep the packaging.)

Mona de Castellarnau currently sells leather goods, luxury throws and cushions. I mean, can we talk about that “Born Brave” Baby Throw? If you’re looking for a special keepsake for that precious baby, this will make one unforgettable gift!

I have a good feeling about Mona and her new brand. As an entrepreneur myself venturing into making products (more updates on that later), Mona is an inspiration to me and I cannot wait to see her label flourish.

What do you think of Mona’s new line? Did you see anything in her shop that caught your eyes?

xo Jeanne

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