Update on Harlow & Grey + Modern Camp Theme Birthday Party on 100 Layer Cakelet!


Twins Bday_AB-17

This past summer, I revealed a secret in this post about starting a business in the “party” space with my cousin and talented event designer, Gloria Wong-Tritasavit. I haven’t shared too much since because a lot of it was just planning, meetings, and going back-and-forth whether or not we should even go forward with our business.

Honestly, it’s a scary thing for us because we’re both (work-at-home) mothers with young, demanding children, and time is very precious for us. To start something that require extra time, money, and energy is definitely not something we can just jump in and say lets-do-it! Though we both joked that if we didn’t have kids right now, we would’ve launched our business already, haha. 

Anyway, while I still don’t have a lot to report, I am happy to say we are moving forward wholeheartedly with our business, Harlow & Grey, a line of disposable decor and tableware for kids parties and beyond. Trust me, it’s a big step!  We are amping up our efforts this year and crossing our fingers that we will launch this summer/early fall. We’re half way through our development stage and are super excited to come out with our own line of products!

Gloria has a serious talent for event design and her work has been featured in countless press. She’s been doing mostly weddings in the past but is transferring her creative energy to kids parties and special celebrations. Being that I’ve never been much of a party planner or event designer, I am learning so much from my cousin! Her talent for colors, style, and visual elements is so solid that I feel very comfortable in her design direction and choices. Plus, we both share similar aesthetics so that makes it much easier for us to work together. :)

As for me, I love finding style and design in every aspect of my life (hence why I have a lifestyle blog), but my other passion also lies in marketing and entrepreneurship (what I actually studied in college). So with Harlow & Grey, I’ll be focusing my energy on marketing and business development, while Gloria will be focusing on creative and production. Like I said, we are super excited and scarred sh*tless doing this together, but one thing is for sure, we’re ready for a wild ride with Harlow & Grey! I hope we can get your support and encouragement once we launch because it would mean so much to us.

This is a recent birthday party that Gloria designed for her twins, Mason and Miya, who just turned 1! Consider this a little preview of what’s to come for Harlow & Grey! The party is a Modern Camp theme with the idea of motherhood “survival” for the first year. I had the honor to help styled the party while Ashley Batz took amazing photos! The party even caught the eyes of 100 Layer Cakelet and got featured earlier this week. Yay!!! Thanks, Lisa, for sharing the party on your IG! Be sure to head on over to read more about the party! In the meantime, I’m sharing some of my favorites here…

Twins Bday_AB-38

Illustration by Gloria Wong-Tritasavit. 

Twins Bday_AB-51

Bunny ear head bands and gold crowns!

Twins Bday_AB-53

Pretty dreamcatcher wreath by JL Design hung over the Teepee Painting Station for kids. 

Twins Bday_AB-11

modern camp kids birthday party

Character bandaids sealed in envelops as party favors! If there’s one thing you need to know about kids – they LOVE bandaids!

Twins Bday_AB-12

Simple star cake topper with a S’mores Cake by Pretty Please Bakery located in Inner Richmond, SF. They also did my Black & White Graffiti Cake for Hayden’s Modern Princess Party

Twins Bday_AB-64

The birthday twins! Miya and Mason! 

Twins Bday_AB-95

Twins Bday_AB-243

Twins Bday_AB-209

Whenever I take Hayden to Gloria’s house now, she’s always asking “are we having a party?” :) 

Twins Bday_AB-6531

Here’s my little Hadley who just turned 2 this past weekend. I also threw a party for her over at Gloria’s home. It was more low-key than this one but it was a strawberry and pocky theme – two of her favorite things!

Twins Bday_AB-6564

Painted teepees by the kids. Aren’t kids’ arts the best? So pure and free. 

Twins Bday_AB-6588

Twins Bday_AB-118

Miya and Mason getting some love from her big sister, Taylor. Do you remember the Hello Kitty party that Gloria designed for Taylor? It’s the cutest!! 

Twins Bday_AB-129

Happiest 1st birthday to my twin nephew and niece, and congrats to Gloria on surviving being a mother of 3! So proud to call you my cousin and business partner! 

Photos by Ashley Batz