Do You Miss This Feeling Too?



First of all, this is not a post announcing my third pregnancy. Second of all, this is not a joke about being pregnant. However, this is about a feeling I miss a lot…being pregnant.

As most of you know, I held my first Lovemade event recently and we kicked it off by hosting a one-day lifestyle workshop for moms-to-be. It was a great success and so much fun – you can see some Instagrams here and a full recap on my blog coming soon! As weird as it sounds, being surrounded by first-time mamas was so much joy for me. Seeing their excitement, their anticipation and the unknown reminded me so much of myself being pregnant. Even with my second pregnancy, that excitement about meeting the new baby and being a second time mother was very special.

I’m not sure how many mothers I’m talking to here, but if you are a mom, do you miss the feeling of being pregnant? Does it make you want another baby when you see other babies? How do you know if you’re done with having babies (aside from the age thing, of course)? Or will that feeling ever go away?

I have heard people say that they just know when they’re done with having babies. They know that they only want to be a family of 3 or 4 or whatever that number is. But what is that feeling like? Do you just not crave having babies anymore? Do you just let that feeling pass even though you may want another baby – but doesn’t really make sense because of finance or space or childcare or time? What if you regret when you’re 45?

I guess it’s obvious that I may want a third baby, but at the same time I don’t know if that’s the right decision. I am very happy with Hayden and Hadley right now, but there’s also a part of me (and George) that wonders what would it be like to add a third? Would it make us happier? Or would it stress us out?

Anyway, I’m just curious to know what other moms think? How do you decide when to stop having babies? Do you go with your heart or your brain on this one?

On a less serious note, I love how that there are so many more fashion and lifestyle brands to help pregnant women retain their styles these days. Even 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Hayden, there weren’t that many brands catered to maternity. It was definitely a more challenging time. And even if they were available, they weren’t that stylish or versatile. HonestIy, I really avoided spending money on maternity clothes.

One of the brands I adore lately is Hatch Collection. Even though they are considered a maternity brand, their stylish yet timeless pieces can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. That idea alone, I just love! Hatch was a sponsor at the Lovemade event and provided the hostesses and the speakers wardrobe and goodies for our attendees. I was surprised that when I wore my red stripe top at my Lovemade event, it fitted me nicely. I suppose if I get pregnant now, I already have a cute piece to wear, and I certainly don’t mind adding a few more in my wardrobe. :)


Top photo by Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids. If you’re curious to know why I posed pregnant, it was because I was only modeling for Sarah before all our Lovemade mamas took their bump photos. They all turned out fabuloso!

xo Jeanne


  • maiamcdonald

    I don’t think I’ll ever miss being pregnant because I had a really difficult pregnancy and do not look forward to going through it again. But I already miss the newborn stage. Ingrid is only 5 months and I can already imagine adding another. If only I could skip the whole being pregnant part :). I always imagined we’d have 2, maybe 3 kids. We’ll see how I feel when I get to that point but I’m honestly loving being a mom so much I sometimes think I might want even more!!

    • I guess I was thinking more of the emotional part of it. :) I certainly don’t miss the nausea, heartburn, dr visits, and certainly not the needles! But I also didn’t have a difficult pregnancy so it was bearable.

      You are a great mom, and I can totally see you with more children! You’re a natural. :) xoxo Jeanne

  • I can hear what you’re saying. I didn’t love the baby stage so much (I had a great pregnancy but I neither miss it nor loathe it) — I’m actually way more in love with the toddler stage! I bet I’ll miss that more than I miss being pregnant or having a newborn :)

  • Amy Anderson

    I TOTALLY miss being pregnant! When I see preggo ladies pass me on the street, I get a little envious!

  • Yes!!! I had two great pregnancies and loved being pregnant. Especially the baby movements…I really wanted a 3rd bebe but hubby wasnt so keen, now Im 43 and feel like Ive missed the chance but am still blessed with two boys who are growing way too fast (11 and 9yrs old)

  • Jennifer Pebbles

    Jeanne, I totally miss it. I love my body the most when I am pregnant, and I love the kids that come with it, I wish I could have just onnnnnnnne more…but realistically, I know there is no way (financially, emotionally, space for, etc) we can have a third. It makes it harder being an only child and my kids not having any cousins. Such a dilemma! :D

  • Claudia

    How funny as I read all these comments, i’m in the same boat. I have 2 kiddos and realistically we can’t afford or have the physical stamina to have another little one but would LOVE to have a 3rd. Being pregnant is a crazy, emotional fun filled ride and I did love every minute of it. I guess now with the kiddos growing up so fast i’m in for a NEW kind of ride/adventure. Love the site Jeanne. Just FYI, what lippy are you wearing in this picture?

  • I’m so glad you used this image. I thought you looked totally gorgeous! ;)