What Style Is Your Dream Kitchen?



It’s no secret that my husband and I have been house hunting lately. We are eager to have our own space, and more importantly, to make it our own. One space I look forward to renovating in “our future home” is the kitchen. The current kitchen in our rental is very small and have limited counter and cabinet spaces. Now that we are a family of 4, we’re also cooking and eating a lot more at home. It would be a dream to have a well-equipped kitchen where we can prep meals with the kids and entertain friends and family.

Like many of you, I like to pin my home inspiration on Pinterest board – here’s my inspiration board for my dream kitchen essentialsSince I consider myself design-driven with an OCD for tidiness, not only does my dream kitchen have to look good but everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, needs to have a home in that space. :) I’ve teamed up with designer, Leslie, over at MasterBrand Cabinets to give me some guidance on building a stylish and functional kitchen. They’re cabinet experts and are the largest cabinet manufacturer in the country, offering cabinets in every style and for every budget. After speaking with Leslie on my vision and needs, she recommended that I check out Kitchen Craft, which focuses on modern European style with superior quality. I was pretty excited to see what this brand has to offer. It’s never too early to research, right?

Before I share with you the options that caught my eyes, I wanted to let you know that MasterBrand and Kitchen Craft are GIVING AWAY a Diamond Tablet Holder and an iPad Air so that you can start planning your dream kitchen too! I’ve got one installed in my kitchen (shown above) and I love it! It’s like getting an instant upgrade no matter what kind of kitchen you have, and it’s perfect for looking at recipes while cooking without taking up counter space. For a chance to win, be sure to enter HERE!

So, what style is my dream kitchen exactly? Well, I’ve always had the idea of finding a home that has a bit more of a character, maybe a Victorian home or a rustic ranch style, with an open floor plan and lots of natural light, and then install it with a very modern kitchen, similar to this style found in the Kitchen Craft‘s inspiration gallery.



I would start with the Calvi cabinet door that looks very seamless and chic. Depending on how much day light we get in the room (hopefully a lot), I would love to use gloss black for a very sexy look. But if we need to brighten up the space, the gloss white would probably be a better option for me. For hardware, I love this bar cabinet pull – simple and beautiful! To complete the look, I’d love to install this modern metal range hood as well as some open shelving to display my favorite cookbooks, fine dishes and even some art.


Like I said, in my dream kitchen, I want it to be very organized and that there’s a home for everything. I love that Kitchen Craft has many great storage solutions that would make my kitchen family-functional as well as neat and tidy. Like these pegged dish organizer, dispensa pantry cabinet, base pots and pans pull out cabinets, and slide out trays are all on my wish list.


Overall, my style for a dream kitchen is modern and clean, while keeping my family in mind. I think installing the right cabinets with sleek finishes will set a good foundation on a beautiful kitchen that lasts. Would you like to see what other things I love to have in my kitchen? Check out my pin board for more inspiration.  Would love to hear what you think!

So, what about you? What is your style? What finishes and functionality would you add in your dream kitchen?

Perhaps you’re a step ahead of me and are already thinking about renovating your kitchen? If that’s the case, I’m very jealous! :) Well, I hope I’ve introduced a good resource to you. Just remember that MasterBrand Cabinets works with independent dealers nationwide and they provide excellent customer service in every location. You can find your local MasterBrand dealer here. Also, if you like what you see here from Kitchen Craft, the brand that offers more modern style, you can contact their dealer here to create a stylish and functional kitchen for your family!

Lastly, don’t forget to enter this GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a Diamond Tablet Holder and an iPad Air! It’s a great piece to install under your cabinet.

Good luck!




This post is kindly sponsored by MasterBrands Cabinet, the largest cabinet manufacturer in the U.S. with cabinets for every style and budget. All opinions shared here are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsor and letting me share my dream kitchen inspiration with you. I hope you find this content inspiring and helpful.

xo Jeanne