Hey birdie, you’re looking mighty cute today!


this is paper magazine

After a hectic week, isn’t it nice to take your mind off to something completely different? I thought looking at these pretty, furry friends were so soothing to me. I love their colors, their shapes, and the cuteness of their eyes. I came across them here yesterday and was like love at first sightt! I wondered if these prints are sold anywhere? Would love to frame some of these in my house!

This week has been exhausting for me. My mom was away for the past week and I had Hayden all to myself. I enjoyed every minute with Hayden, but boy, was it difficult?! Between juggling a toddler (who’s been extra needy these days), blogging, emails, events, house chores and everything else in between, I am beat! It’s a really hard job to not only keep up with a toddler, but to keep them entertained, keep them challenged, and keep them off the TV and iPad as much as possible takes quite a woman (or man) to do that job. I really give respect to those parents who doesn’t have any childcare at all.

Well, my mother is finally back and I cannot be more thankful to get some help back. I’m looking forward to end the week and get ready for Thanksgiving with the fam next week. How about you?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thank you all for being here with me this week! xo Jeanne

Images via Leila Jeffrey :: This Is Paper