What Makes A Dad?


Being a dad is not easy. It really tests out a man’s patience and to see if you got a good man on your side. I once heard the saying – “anyone can be a father, but not everyone can be a dad.” This year I got to see my husband take on the role as a dad, and the way I see him care for our daughter, it brought me to a whole another level of respect for him.

He is not only patient and caring, but he’s also ready to make sacrifices when he needs to, plans ahead for our daughter, and always makes sure we are both happy and well taken care of. So I must say, he is the absolute cream of the crops!

Seeing my husband on fatherhood also brings me to another level of respect for my own father. I can’t say I have the closest relationship with my dad, but I do know that deep down inside our love is mutual. I appreciate all he has given me, and I honestly believe he was being the best dad he can be – and that to me is also what makes a great dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! And enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Top photo: My husband and baby – taken with Instagram at Park Chow, 1240 9th Ave., San Francisco, Inner Sunset.

Bottom photo: Me, mom and dad in Hong Kong circa 1970’s