What A Little Green Can Do…







art gallery dinning


Ever since we got rid of the Christmas tree last weekend, our apartment started to look a little lifeless. I’ve never been a plant person before, but lately I’ve been really attracted to them (blame it on this pin and this pin.) Not sure if its because I’m about to welcome a newborn and how plant signifies life (just 10 more days to go) or my appreciation for plants is evolving, but bringing some greens into my dining and living room space really puts me in a good mood. Who would have thought buying leaves alone would make me feel so good? I bought them yesterday on my trip to Whole Foods for $4.99 and it gave my little SF casa so much life!

I’m also a little obsessed with the gold piggy bookends I picked up over the weekend. Been eyeing on it for a while and when I saw it in person, I just had to get it! I don’t have any books to put in between yet, but I kinda like it as it is. :)

Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday!

Images by Shop Sweet Things. (Art prints by Fifiduvie, Honey & Bloom, Kate Spade by Katie Evans, Mulberry

  • Happy Tuesday & 10 days left! I must have that gold piggy book end for my shelf. Too cute.

  • Ana

    I love this SF print. 

  • Ashley Lovett

    Whoa my goodness, 10 days!! That’s so exciting!! I love your little gallery and Jeff and I have the “Oh darling, let’s be adventurers” print too.


  • I totally agree! There just seems to be a gaping hole where our Christmas tree was! I miss the smell and the little bit of nature in the house! XX Thinking good thoughts for you and baby girl!

  • Yes, definitely missing the Christmas tree. I had to rearrange the living room a bit to fill in the gaping hole. More greenery is definitely a great idea, if only my apartment got more natural lighting…