I’m Going Bananas Over You!


When it comes to gifting, I’m a pretty practical person. I usually like to get gifts that are cute and tasteful, and at the same time, useful to the other person.  I don’t believe in breaking the bank when it comes to gifting especially for occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Great, you must think I’m a very unromantic person… but what I really mean is that I don’t think the gift should be valued at how much it cost but rather the thoughtfulness behind the gift. In fact, I play this little game with my husband to see who can get a better gift under $10! After all, it’s what comes from the heart that counts. :)

Here’s a perfect example of a very cute & “taste”ful gift from Twig & Thistle. These stickers are absolutely darling and original.. it’s lighthearted and it’s appropriate to give for just about anyone in your life.. whether it’s for your sweetheart (cause you want him to eat more fruits), your kids & their teachers, your boss, your clients – they are just perfect! Umm… and did I mention the best part? They are FREE! Download a pdf onto a sticker paper, hit up your local grocery store and you are good to go!

{via Design Sponge}