Turning 33!


Turning 33 Cake

Yup, I turn 33 today and I am very proud of it. Some people think once they reached their big 3-0 it’s all downhill from there. But for me, being in my 30s has been one of the most liberating feelings in my life! I feel secure, I am happy, and most importantly, I know what I want! Guess I’m one of those who think we are just like wine, it gets better with age. :)

Today I’m going to spend some quality time with my baby and enjoy a nice lunch with my family. And tonight, I’ll be really excited as my husband has arranged dinner with couple of my friends at Hecho for some yummy sushi & tequilas, and then we’ll be heading over to 620 Jones for more rooftop drinks and fun. Late night outings really do become a treat once you have a kiddo, especially together with your husband. Since it’s my birthday, I think I deserve that treat. :)

Enjoy your Friday, and I hope everyone is doing something fun for the weekend! See ya next week!

(Image via glitter guide tumblr)