My Routine This Weekend…


family routine

Yes, we made it! Did it seem like a long week to you, or was it just me? Either way, I’m ready to get this weekend started.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? For me, I’m headed to Marine World tomorrow with my little tyke, my mom and my sisters (kinda like the Sea World in San Diego). I think it must’ve been over 15 years since I’ve been to any amusement park, so I’m actually quite excited to go back. Ah, how I remember love grabbing those front row seats and getting splashed by that killer whale! I swear, having a baby really puts the kid back in you.

Whatever your plans are, I hope it will be amazing! And if you have some time to poke around the web this weekend, come check out my latest outfit (or at least what I wish I was wearing!), how I incorporate effortless style in my room and my top 5 S.F. must-visit boutiques!

Alrighty, peeps, enjoy your days off! And seriously, don’t forget to follow this routine, I demand you! :)

(Poster Print via Fresh Words Market.)