Sweet Nothings // Banter Banner


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I discovered Banter Banner recently through one of my favorite editors, and instantly thought it was the coolest and sweetest little shop online.

I usually reserve party banners for birthdays or bridal/baby showers only, but how cool is it to have these at your next get-together or a casual house party with friends?! For as little as 10 bucks, it sets the mood right away and it would still look cool in your crib afterwards. And isn’t it nice to have a little reminder that every day is an occasion? :)

Party or no party, that “Sweet Nothings” banner has got to be mine! And how cute will those colorful rosettes look in a kid’s room?

(Images via Banter Banner)

  • So cute! Thanks for sharing. I always love scoping out your picks.

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    It’s official – I need one of these banners in my Bright.Bazaar home!

  • These are great, they’re like the chic version of the birthday banners I remember having as a kid! Love the price points, makes them totally doable!

  • houseofearnest

    I love these! I need one for my house!

  • Fenny Setiawan

    This is LOVE. I like the banner so much. 

  • I recently purchased a few of these and they are even more charming in person. The “Beauty In Little Things” and “Joie De Vivre” banners were cute, subtle statements for a baby shower.