Some Thoughts About Friday…


Hi friends, I hope you had a nice weekend.

Today, I don’t have my usual blog post for you. No products, no shopping, no round-ups.

I found myself hard to do my regular blogging without acknowledging what happened this past Friday at Sandy Hook school, Connecticut. It was a very sad day and I’m sure we all had mixed emotions from what could have been prevented. If only our society took better steps to have stricter gun laws or proper treatment to mental illness, this may not have happened. I, too, felt very disappointed to know how many people out there still didn’t see this as a nationwide issue. I won’t go on with my stance here but like many of you, I do agree that our country needs to act proactively and urgently to this matter.

On a more personal note, I cried and teared up each time after reading the news and seeing what unfolded on the media. The ‘overwhelming grief ‘ as President Obama described was indeed the feeling I felt when the news broke. And when I looked at Hayden, it was really hard not to tear up. I’ve never felt so lucky to have Hayden in my arms. But at the same time, I felt almost guilty because I just cannot comprehend the staggering pain the parents of the victims were, and still are, going through right now. Reading about the heroic stories of the teachers and seeing pictures of the innocent children is still a lot to take in. I try to limit myself to these coverage because it is very depressing and I almost feel helpless.

I generally keep things pretty light here, and really not good about writing things like this. But I do feel the need to express my emotions especially when I know many of you are also affected by this news, and I’m more than happy to hear yours if you feel incline to comment. It really sucks this happened so close to the holidays, when it’s the merriest and happiest time of the year, but what we’re feeling should not be ignored.

This is a brand new week and let’s hope our politicians will act accordingly and do the right thing. And kudos to those citizens who turned in their guns this weekend, means a lot to the parents and those who are living in fear.

As always, I never like to end things on a sad note. So, let’s cherish this time with your friends, family and loved ones and spend as much time as you can during this holiday season. xo Jeanne

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  • Kate

    I’m moved by your post and glad you said something. I can’t read any of the coverage about Sandy Hook without tearing up, and when my NYTimes arrived yesterday, I couldn’t look at the front page with the list of names. In the meantime, I hope you and your family enjoy each other over the holidays, and that all is well in SF.

  • Maia McDonald

    Well said Jeanne! I too found myself crying numerous times while watching the news, I can’t even imagine the grief the parents and community members of Newtown are feeling. Thanks for sharing, talking about it will hopefully help a little bit.

  • Bettina

    I do agree, I hope we can come together and proactively work towards some type of progress. I’m tired of everyone playing the blame game of either we all have guns, or no one has guns. A new dialogue needs to begin, one that puts safety at the forefront and an understanding that compromise will need to occur in order for us to move forward towards a safter future. 

  • Theresa

    This event, and all the others that have come before, have definitely had its toll on us as a Nation. It’s heartbreaking and tragic for everyone. Together we all mourn for the families of Sandy Hook, and hopefully together we can bring about the change that is so desperately needed. Thank you for writing this post, Jeanne.