Shop Sweet Things Gets a Makeover!


shop sweet things old version

Hello friends, noticed anything different here? :) Yup, my blog got a makeover this weekend and the new redesign finally launched! YAY (and whew, thank goodness it all went smoothly!) The image you see here on this post is the old version.

This whole redesign process took me a good 6 months to accomplish, and I went through two different designs before settling on this one. Coming from a girl who gravitates to so many different styles, it was tough to choose something that I was really happy with. I wanted something original, something fresh, something that really makes Shop Sweet Things stand out.

The redesign was done between my husband George and I. I started out with a Pinterest board to collect all the inspirations on logo, type, and color. Then I also had a great friend who helped me with finding the perfect font for my logo (she was so patient with me and helpful!). My super talented UX/Graphic Designer husband helped me with the design of the site and I basically told him what I liked and didn’t like along the way – and yes, he did say I was his toughest client ever! I wouldn’t disagree. We also hired another talented freelance developer to help with the coding, which was money well spent (and lots of headaches saved!) While this all sounds simple and easy, there were a lot of back and forth and it really took some long nights and weekends to put everything together.

I’m pretty happy with the outcome and the aesthetic for my lifestyle blog. After all, shouldn’t life be vibrant, fun, and chic?!

So friends, what do you think of this new redesign? Do you like it? Not like it? All comments and feedbacks are welcome!