A New Contributor!


Hello everyone! How’s your weekend going?

I’m so excited to pop in here today to announce that Shop Sweet Things has a new contributor! Her name is Katie Horan and she’ll be contributing here every Sunday to talk about everything on fashion. From her favorite designer collections to the latest trends, to styling advice, she will tell you all!

I know Katie personally and have admired her style ever since I’ve known her. And if there’s anyone I know who’s got some serious taste in fashion, she’s that girl! I am really excited to have her join me and would love to have you all give her a warm welcome! Without further adu, here’s Katie for ya!


“Fashion has always struck a chord deep within me.  I am better at remembering what I wore to an event than what actually transpired at it.  This love of mine has at times caused a bit of an internal struggle, as I have questioned myself and wondered whether I was being too materialistic or focused on the physical.  I have come to realize that a love of fashion has the same roots as it does for those who love any art form – whether it be music or theater or painting.  The work and vision that come to life in some of the pieces that stroll down the runways during the Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris – truly amazing.

To this day, my favorite trips to the mailbox result in entering my apartment with 2-3 catalogues – Barneys, Saks, J. Crew – honestly I love them all (even better if there is a package with a new purchase waiting for me).  I spend hours scouring my favorite shopping and designer sites – it is my hobby and my passion.  I love the aesthetics.  In college I was a theater major, but focused on costume design.  I, like Jeanne, worked in interior design for several years and also worked for a local clothing designer in the earlier days of my career.

I reside in San Francisco with my fiancé David.

As you can probably tell, my posts will focus on fashion.  Thrilled to join Jeanne’s blog – her site has lead me to some fantastic finds!”