Shop Sweet Home 04


shop sweet home 1. Kartell Louis Ghost Chair, $328. Love the translucent in colors! It’s fun yet understated. Makes a timeless investment piece! 

2. Alison Cooley Tourangelle Art Print (via Tappan Collective limited edition), starting $100.

3. Bright Bazaar Book, $19. For anyone who loves colors and interiors, you must get Will Taylor‘s new book. I just got my copy last week, and it literally makes me want to create a happy home! Congrats Will on the gorgeous book and the endless colorful inspirations!

4. Jo Malone London Blackberry & Bay Candle (limited edition), $70.

5. Ella Lou Organic Turkish Towel in Apricot Orange, $48. Love that it comes in a matching kid’s size for $24! Mother & baby could not look any cuter by the pool! 

Happy Monday! xo Jeanne